February 09, 2006

Brief update

Two images from a lunch break today in the middle of God-knows-freezing-where. Pat made great sandwiches. Click on the pictures for bigger views.

Did this last night in Prince George, British Columbia:


From Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

February 8, 2006

After a long haul today from Vancouver airport, where I picked up Pat after his 1230 arrival. And we left for here and now it’s late; our mileage is 115,498 and our elevation is 1,982’. And the car is parked at N53º54’29.0” x W122º46’47’7”. You drive for miles and miles up here and basically don’t see a thing and suddenly you come to these big, busy towns with tons of people and what appears to be lots to do. But it’s late and we’re leaving early and I still haven’t walked these dogs so until later,

Jay, Ivory and Nicky

Currently (2/9/06, Thu, 8:30 PM Pacific) at Super 8 Motel, Fort Nelson, BC. Precisely:
Elevation 1,296'
Current mileage: 116,007

It went down to around 12º F on the drive up here but when we got into town it was around 19º. We're going out for some food now.


Anonymous said...


Glad all is well! The Pictures look great! Stay Warm!!

jodyb said...

Dear Jaybird,

You look great (as usual). Things are boring here w/out you. Keep up all of your good work. You are a regular Ernest Hemingway!